Day 5: Touristing through South Iceland

We got to act like tourists for the whole day before we headed to Porsmork for some camping. In the early morning, we left for the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route in South Iceland and then we visited Gulfoss waterfall and Geysir.

On the way to the Golden Circle, we saw these piles of rocks spread everywhere. Helga told us that the elves lived there. It may sound weird to us, but Icelanders genuinely believe in elves. The elves were originally Adam and Eve’s children. When God came to visit, Eve wasn’t able to get all her children washed up before God came, so she hid the dirty children behind rocks. God knew the children were there, and he proclaimed that the children would stay there forever as elves.

You’re not allowed to move these rocks. Bad things will happen if you do.

All geysers are named after the Geysir, so I guess this is the mother geyser of them all. Geysir is currently inactive because it got blocked when there was an earthquake or eruption a few years ago. However, Strokkur, the remaining geyser still erupts every 5-10 minutes. I’m a bit impatient with the camera, so it took me three tries to finally get a good picture and video of Strokkur.

Gulfoss Waterfall
The little geysir that could


Our lunch was in a greenhouse at Fidheimar. Everything was so pretty, and it was my favorite meal of the whole trip. They grow tomatoes and make tomato-everything products. We ate tomato soup and bread, and then we went outside to see the pretty Icelandic horses. The horses here are really special, magical creatures. They’re pure bred, smaller, colorful, and fluffier, but don’t call them ponies. Icelanders get really offended if you do.


Riding a horse with beer in hand. That’s how they do it in Iceland.


We saw another hydropower plant and we played this arcade-like game where we had to control the flow rate of a simulated dam. We all got super involved with this game. I even had the controllers had one point although I wasn’t very good.


What…what is going on?
Oh yeah, the engineers at work.

We changed buses before reaching the campsite and had a very bumpy ride over some rocks and streams. After we arrived at Porsmork and set up our tents, we were told that we could do anything except for “stupid climbing” on the rocks. I explored around for a little while, and then me and a few kids drifted further away from the campsite and started climbing the rocks. I wish I could say I felt bad for disobeying orders, but the views I saw were definitely worth it. At least we listened for the first hour, haha…

Hey, it’s my tent!
Pride rock


Camouflage. I feel like Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games.

There was this hole that my friend India and I found, which gave the best view of the whole campsite. We stayed there for a long time until the sky dimmed just chatting about life and how awesome Iceland was. The climb down was slightly scarier than the climb up, but at least we got back just in time for a few minutes at the bonfire.



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